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Quality, environmental and health and safety policy

Based on their clear vocation for leadership in the sector, the directors of Constructora Noray, S.A. have fostered quality, respect for the environment and health and safety as the management objectives of each of the company’s departments, with special emphasis on the progressive refinement in the definition and application of the Integrated Management System.

MISSION: To satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers by designing and maintaining working conditions that stimulate all workers and suppliers.

VISION: To constantly improve as a leading company in the industrial civil construction sector and to be a benchmark within it.


  • To meet the explicit and implicit demands, requirements and expectations of our customers, as well as the legal and regulatory requirements.
  • To provide the staff with standardised working methodologies that allow them to operate as efficiently as possible.
  • To provide the necessary resources and training to enable all staff to achieve excellence in their work.
  • To supply our customers promptly and correctly with the exact services they request.
  • To consider that customer satisfaction, quality, confidentiality, compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements, professional ethics and continuous improvement are the keys to business success. This involves a daily commitment, constituting a permanent challenge for professional quality.
  • To create and preserve a working environment in which there is a high degree of employee-management communication, that in turn impacts on greater customer satisfaction.
  • To only accept projects that can be carried out competently and professionally, avoiding placing the company in positions of incompatibility.
  • To identify, control and reduce deficiencies in the service in order to improve our competitiveness and image.
  • To manage the processes that reduce the environmental impact of our activities and evaluate in advance the environmental impact of new activities or services.
  • To promote the rational use of natural resources and a clear awareness of favouring the environment, not only in our own work, but also involving all our suppliers and customers.
  • To protect the environment, including pollution prevention and the sustainable use of resources.
  • To provide safe, healthy working conditions to avoid work-related injuries and poor health.
  • To eliminate hazards and reduce health and safety risks.
  • To promote consultation with and the participation of workers.

The management makes this policy accessible and available to its customers and all its employees, suppliers and stakeholders. The policy is kept up-to-date through periodic reviews, coinciding with management reviews of the system. In this respect, management provides the necessary resources to achieve the planned objectives.
Consult quality policy document


In order to provide a broader service and better meet the needs of our customers, we have an
engineering and design department to support studies and carry out projects. In this way, we offer a
360º view of the entire project, analysing all construction operations and thus minimising
risks, optimising resources and guaranteeing deadlines

We offer the best technical solutions in all the engineering and construction projects we undertake, always empathising with the day-to-day production of factories with a high level of demand, working as a team with highly qualified professionals.

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