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constructora cnoray

Constructora Noray was founded in 1980 with the aim of responding to the construction needs of our customers by offering them the most suitable and comprehensive solutions. In these more than 40 years of experience in construction we have remained firmly committed to the standards that have led to our consolidation as a benchmark in the sector: quality, safety, deadlines and price. We always strive to offer the highest quality of execution for excellent results.


During our extensive and varied journey we have established ourselves as a leading company in the sector, directing our work towards the needs of our customers and following the fundamental pillars that define us as a construction company:

  • Safety
  • Innovation
  • Price
  • Deadlines
  • Quality
  • Sustainability


Constructora Noray maintains the most demanding levels thanks to the entire human team that makes it up. That’s why we place so much emphasis on creating a secure working environment that motivates and enriches each team member. The more knowledge, experience and skills our team has, the greater the value we can contribute to our customers when proposing solutions and executing projects for them.


Our highly qualified professionals include Engineers, Architects, Project Managers, Site Managers, Safety Technicians and Quality Technicians.

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Constructora Noray’s management is guided by a clear vocation for sector leadership and for this reason we promote total quality as the objective of all company departments.

We place special emphasis on continually improving and perfecting the definition and application of our Quality Control processes.

Our Quality Control Manual reflects the company’s policies and goals. Our objective is to use it as a standard for developing a quality system that encourages the continuous improvement of our services.

The best demonstration of our commitment to quality is reflected in our projects and our customers’ satisfaction, as well as in the certifications we achieve that express our desire to go beyond minimum legislative compliance in pursuit of professional excellence.

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Another fundamental mainstay of Constructora Noray is the prevention of workplace hazards, a system designed, developed and implemented with the cooperation of our customers to protect both the organisation's workers and its visitors.

Constructora Noray's Workplace Risk Prevention Service dates back to 1980 when we took responsibility for Health and Safety. In this task we cooperated closely with all those in charge of our customers' own health and safety departments, adopting and sharing diverse workplace safety policies.

In January 1997, the Comprehensive Workplace Risk Prevention Management System was implemented in accordance with the current legislation. This area of responsibility was then implemented in all the company’s branches and workplaces. We set up a Workplace Safety Department Department that focused its attention and efforts on establishing risk prevention management techniques in the industrial companies with which we collaborated closely.

Particularly noteworthy is the participation of workers from all the associated companies in the monthly workplace risk prevention meetings held at all our sites. These are designed, among other things, to continue establishing safety procedures.

In addition, since 2008, we have held the Security Certificate for Maintenance Companies audited by the AEQT and AEST monitoring commission under which the safety requirements applicable to routine maintenance activities undertaken by maintenance service companies are verified.

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In order to provide a broader service and better meet the needs of our customers, we have an
engineering and design department to support studies and carry out projects. In this way, we offer a
360º view of the entire project, analysing all construction operations and thus minimising
risks, optimising resources and guaranteeing deadlines

We offer the best technical solutions in all the engineering and construction projects we undertake, always empathising with the day-to-day production of factories with a high level of demand, working as a team with highly qualified professionals.

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